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Have practice
tatar language
in speaking club

Meet people from other cities and countries
and overcome difficulties of language together
Практикуйте татарский язык в разговорном клубе
Знакомьтесь с людьми из разных
стран и городов и преодолевайте языковой барьер вместе

What is this
Classes with teachers in groups up to 6 persons, with the same level of the language. If you don`t know your lever - find out it here!
Lessons are in tatar language. 80% of time students speak themselves

Groups up to 6 persons
Lessons in Zoom
Have practice tatar language where it is convenient to you – join lessons from home, from park or café! If you don`t still have app Zoom, download it and turn it according to instruction
Practice first
How the lessons
are going
Choose convenient time for the lessons, fill in the form and soon the invitation for the lesson will come to you. The lessons are going in Zoom
Before the start, moderator will send you learning materials. Join the lesson and meet other students
Moderator directs conversation, asking questions, and other students talk, practicing tatar language. At the end - fixing in the way of play
of the lessons
Our moderators
Moderators will help you to defind your strong and weak points, put goals and will motivate you to study further
5 years
2 years
Experience: 1 year
2 years
1 year
Experience: 116 years
of the lessons
Choose your way to tatar language
One lesson
  • The first lesson is free!
  • Convenient by rare visits
300 ₽
3 Месяца
  • The first lesson is free!
  • 4 lessons for month
  • Chat at telegram
  • Metodics and materials for self-learning
  • +1 one week as present
1149 ₽/mon.
Одно занятие
  • The first lesson is free!
  • Convenient by rare visits
300 ₽
3 Месяца
  • The first lesson is free!
  • 8 занятий в месяц
  • Чат в telegram
  • Методики и материалы для самостоятельного изучения
  • +1 неделя подписки в подарок
2299 ₽/мес
  • Subscription lite / intensive
  • More convenient together!
  • 18+
1099 ₽ / 2199 ₽
That`s what I want
  • Definding of level
  • Put personal goal
  • Indnividual methods
  • 6 times more effective then in group
700 ₽/lesson
That`s what I want
Вы спрашиваете — мы отвечаем
Can I overcome easily language difficulties?
Be sure: the first club will interest you so that you wouldn`t notice yourself that you forget about being shy and will take into hot arguments in tatar language
What if I have the lowest level at the lesson?
It will not be so difficult or easy: our teachers will help you to define the level of the language. The groups are formed in such a way that students have the same level of the language
Кто у вас учится? Who is studing in this grop?
The people from all over the world, from different cities and countries, from Munchen to Chelyabinsk are studing in our language club. You not only learn tatar language here, but you can find new friends and meet interesting people as well.
How is it possible to learn tatar language?
If you learn tatar language hard, but you can't speak yet, then - begin at least two times a week go to the speaking club. The programm is made in such a way that you can't help speaking.
What is the studing process?
You will be speaking in micro-groups, in pairs or individually — you will have enough time to speak and to discuss the subject with other participants. By the way, the subjects will be interesting!
If I don't understand speach listenning?
Hearing other participants you get used to different pronunciation, you learn to differ accents and specific speech - exactly with this aim the lessons are organised so that 80% of time and meeting takes practice.
Do you have any questions?
Fill in the form, and the manager will contact you the nearest time
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Ваш телефон
Ваш e-mail
Нажимая кнопку, вы соглашаетесь на обработку ваших персональных данных с соответствии с политикой конфиденциальности 
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How to define
the level of the language
You understand popular expressions and you may ask to pour you tea, but you can't communicate and read surely.
You write simple messengers and you speak on simple subjects, but only with basic grammar and small stock of words.
You may speak abstract subjects and read literature in tatar language, but long communication still cause you stress. You speak fluently about personal things and profession.
You may correspond with friends without any problems, but you understand humor and literature not so well.
You understand science-fiction without any difficulties. You understand speach by listening easily.
You may communicate easily in all situations of life, but you would like not to lose the ability to communicate in tatar language or to increase the level of literal tatar language.
Adilya — the leader of tatar cooperation "УКЫтучы МПГУ".
In 2018 won in international event of beauty and talent "Татар кызы" in Moscow. Now she operates another girls in preparation to the event.
Ilmir - was born and grew up in Almetyevsk, studied in institude Elabuga KSU at filological and historical faculty.
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